Luna Tomato Paste

The Luna Tomato Paste with its high antioxidant value is the result of our special formulation recipe.

A painstaking nutrient-loss proof process developed by our experienced, tested and trusted OFIL hands. This tomato paste not only retains a good percentage of all the nutritional value of its source tomatoes, but is also tasty, red, double-concentrated and packaged with absolutely no preservatives.

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Ingredient List
Tomato paste
Tomato paste - 76.8%
RN-Iodized Vacuumed Packed Salt – 0.2%
Water - 23.0%
Nutritional Panel
Tomato paste
Natural Tomato Paste Concentrate, Salt & Water ( Concentration – 28% minimum)
No Artificial Flavors, No Preservatives, No Colouring.

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