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Luna is the flagship brand of OFIL (Oriental Food Industry Limited).

Oriental Food Industry Limited (OFIL) , a subsidiary of National Food Industries Company (NFIC) started commercial production from high tech, ultramodern plant in 2016.

OFIL’s purpose is to contribute significantly to provide better nutrition and well being to Nigerians

Welcome to Luna Milk

Message from the Chairman

Coming into the Nigerian space marked an interesting turn in our journey. In line with pre-arrival assessment and studies, our projections and expectations continue to follow through. Suffice it to say that OFIL has found another home in this land and as the creatures of habit that we are, we are committed to bringing our ideas and resources to the table in this budding partnership.

Our goal here is clear - to deliver healthy nourishment to the people as stakeholders in a bright future filled with potential. The modus operandi we are deploying is the same one we operate throughout the different regions of the worlds we serve in: A knowledge-based efficient system driven by our values of Integrity, Commitment, Inclusiveness, Innovation and add a Love for Family.

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OFIL is here to.....

liven up Nigerians' Aspirations!!!

Exciting times ahead!

At Our Core

From the richness of our heritage, we embody Integrity. Upon the strength of our convictions, we stay Committed. On a quest to always give the best, we remain Innovative. As a leader in service, we practice Inclusiveness. Through family we came to be, we are Family Oriented.


We would have it no other way. We subscribe to the reputation of honour and trustworthiness that are precedents which parent companies have painstakingly built over so many decades. We ensure that our processes, products and engagement are guided by the highest level of integrity.


We put in a lot of work into studying, researching, assessing and reviewing our areas of interests and projects. Thus, when we arrive at our convictions, they are strong and foolproof.


We are progenies of successful global players and only through continuous evolution and innovation is sustenance and meaningful growth achieved.


We believe everyone should have the chance to explore and maximize their potential. Therefore, beyond being just product makers, we see ourselves as service providers and are dedicated to serving people across myriads of cultural and economic diversities.

Family Oriented

We love family at OFIL and the reason is not far fetched – our very beginnings are steeped in the values of hard work, cooperation, teamwork and resourcefulness that our founding family built upon. Through our products and throughout our businesses, we ensure that all our output is family friendly and promoting.

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